Zenith Performance

Gold Performance Partner

Zenith Performance was founded on the goal of education, empowering and improving young athletes at all levels. Our goal is to train and mentor young athletes towards their goals, unlocking their potential and instilling absolute belief and trust in themselves.

Knockout Nutrition

Silver Performance Partner

Kirk & our team leader Racso are the team you will find on your next visit into St Marys store, devoted to making your next experience in store an easy, comfortable, friendly and educational one. We pride ourselves on day in and day out providing the best customer service and knowledge we have always offered. Our main goal is to educate and assist you in choosing the correct product/s for your fitness or general health journeys. A little bit more about the team

Naked Bondi Kombucha

Silver Performance Partner

Just like the legendary story of Spiderman, the inception of Naked Bondi began with a spider bite. Sounds astounding right? Not exactly.
Unlike Peter Parker’s supernatural powers, Naked Bondi’s Co-founder Nick experienced some severe ramifications like stomach pains, nausea and a purged gut due to the adverse effects of antibiotics.

Salt Labs

Bronze Performance Partner

Salt Lab’s mission is simple: to help people sleep better, recover faster and restore their vitality through our safe, clean and highly effective magnesium products.

Brooke Kelly Nutrition

Bronze Performance Partner

Brooke Kelly is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc) and foodie, passionate about gut health and helping people find health and happiness amongst the chaos of the wellness industry.

Elite Edge Physiotherapy

Bronze Performance Partner

Elite Edge Physiotherapy is a results-driven, professional physiotherapy clinic will the sole focus of getting our patients back to their absolute best. We focus on working with our patients to achieve their goals, no matter how large or small they may be. Whether that’s running a marathon, competing at the highest level of sport, or to just stay fit for life.

True Protein

Bronze Performance Partner

Born out of a desire to reimagine the supplement market with all-natural protein and authentic, transparent ingredients, True was formed in 2014.